Thursday, August 13, 2015

On DVD: Justice League: Gods & Monsters: The Movie (2015)

First, there were the minisodes made available by Machinima, and posted here in the Archives. Next came a series of shorts that DC has on their YouTube channel. After three one-shot comic book specials, DC launched a miniseries this week, two weeks after the release of the feature film version of Justice League: Gods & Monsters.

To be blunt, the DC Universe that you know doesn't exist here. As we've previously discussed, Superman (Benjamin Bratt, ex-Law & Order) has General Zod for a father, and was raised on Earth by migrant workers. Batman (Michael C. Hall, Dexter) isn't Bruce Wayne, but rather Kirk Langstrom, living vampire. Wonder Woman has her ties to the New Gods. Where it was previously discussed she was the daughter of Orion, in truth, she is his widow. They were married, but Orion died on their wedding night when the war between New Genesis & Apokolips erupted anew.

It is a world where Amanda Waller is the first female President of the United States. Where Lex Luthor has taken Metron's role as a seeker of knowledge, but where there is the traditional emnity between Lex & Superman, there is a surprise twist.

It is a world where Langstrom was best buds with fellow scientist Will Magnus (C. Thomas Howell), whose wife, Tina, was actually more interested in Langstrom, but settled on Magnus, presumably after the accident that turned Langstrom into a vampire. As noted, Langstrom is posited here as DC's answer to Marvel's living vampire, Michael Morbius.

The plot? Someone's trying to frame this world's Justice League by killing other scientists. How it plays out will shock you. Maybe. Here's a tease.

Commentary on the Gods & Monsters comics can be found over at The Land of Whatever.

Rating: A.

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