Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Game Time: Q*Bert (Saturday Supercade, 1983)

Time to return to the Saturday Supercade. It's been a long time since we scoped things out here, so let's talk about Q*Bert.

All Ruby-Spears did was copy what Hanna-Barbera did a year earlier with Pac-Man, and create an entire community for Q*Bert's adventures. Nice idea, but who remembers this now? These cartoons don't air on cable anymore, and maybe that's because of rights issues, since I doubt WB owns these toons anyway.

Edit: 8/5/15: The episode previously posted was deleted by YouTube due to copyright issues. In its place, we will offer a bumper and the intro:

No rating.


Silverstar said...

I mentioned Q*Bert briefly in SMES (Saturday Morning Entertainment System).

Despite the show being set in a quasi-1950's backdrop a la "Happy Days", the 80's pop-culture references ran rampant in this cartoon, particularly during season 2.

hobbyfan said...

Happy Days was nearing the end of its run around this time, so that backdrop makes some sense, though the writers would've been wise to use a 60's one instead.