Saturday, July 18, 2015

From Primetime to Daytime: Saved by the Bell: The College Years (1993)

A more comprehensive review of this entry appears over at The Land of Whatever.

NBC thought they could expand the Saved by the Bell franchise by bringing 4 of the Original Class into primetime with Saved by the Bell: The College Years, which the main series was given the sub-title, The New Class. Unfortunately, it didn't work, and College Years was cancelled after 1 season, while New Class continued with a rotating cast for 7.

Here's the intro:

Me-TV has College Years as part of the Bell package they acquired last year, but because only 13 episodes were made, it's already cycled through in the Monday night block Me-TV is using this summer.

Rating: C.


Goldstar said...

Personally, I think it should be made law that ANY TV series that's centered around high school kids should automatically end as soon as said kids graduate. Showing the kids moving on to college never works and the shows never last beyond a single season, if they even get that far. lasts. I don't know why network executives even bother trying.

magicdog said...

They keep trying because, like the insane, they keep thinking they can do it right this time and make it work.

I totally agree on school oriented shows should end when they graduate. Of course that means you could end up with students who attended HS for 7 or eight years! Remember how M*A*S*H lasted 3 times longer than the actual Korean War?

Silverstar said...

Did SbtB: The New Class really last that long? I thought it got axed after a single season.

hobbyfan said...

Silverstar: Yes, New Class lasted 7 seasons (1993-2000), stopping short of a 2nd graduating class in this version. Goldstar does make a point, though, but as I noted in the full review over at Land of Whatever, NBC felt they could milk the franchise further than it needed to, largely because the guys in particular were teen magazine regulars at the time. NBC wanted to prove that it was the brand name that worked, not the combination of actors.

While I didn't follow New Class, and reruns of that series seem to have been buried somewhere by NBC, I think they graduated at least one group (1993-7), but I could be wrong.