Monday, December 8, 2014

Toon Rock: Popeye in Riot in Rhythm (1950)

"Riot in Rhythm" is a remake of the Fleischers' "Me Musical Nephews", in which Popeye's 4 nephews have taken up music, but rather than go through their boring lessons, the boys want to rock. Check it.

Simply one of the best.

Rating: A++.


Samuel Wilson said...

The time Popeye really swung was the one (can't help you with the name) in which a cop turns a garbage can and Popeye's head into an impromptu drum set for a billy club solo. I think one station actually used to run that clip as a promo for their Popeye show. Pretty sadistic, no?

hobbyfan said...

If we're lucky, Sammy, I'll find that particular short, and we'll both know the name.