Thursday, October 31, 2013

On DVD: Flight 29 Down (2005)

While Discovery Kids might've been late to the party in terms of teen horror (Strange Days At Blake Holsey High, reviewed earlier this week), that wasn't the case with Flight 29 Down, which anchored NBC's Saturday morning lineup for a couple of seasons.

Flight 29 Down was meant to be a juvenile version of ABC's then-hot drama, Lost, and partially came from the pen of D. J. MacHale (ex-Are You Afraid of the Dark?), who knows a thing or twenty about teen drama. Unfortunately, Flight comes across as part drama, part semi-reality show, the latter in the video diary segments sprinkled in by Nathan McHugh (Corbin Bleu, "High School Musical"), whom the show is built around. Nathan is part of a school field trip that ends up crashing on a deserted (we think) island in the South Pacific. There are the predictable teen stereotypes, including the vapid airhead, although in this case she does have a positive outlook on things at first. Sorry to say, but Flight only lasted about half as long as Lost, and didn't have the fan following, despite Bleu's presence.

Following is the series opener:

Lesson to be learned. Never trust a plane named after a question in a crossword puzzle.

Rating: C.

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