Friday, October 4, 2013

Game Time: Fun House (1988)

Fun House was one game show for kids that didn't air on Nickelodeon. Just as well, because it didn't last very long.

Two teams of youths competed for cash & prizes, as opposed to most Nick games, which didn't give money away all that often. J. D. Roth, a relative newcomer at the time, was the host. Cable viewers in my area got to see the show on two different channels, but I couldn't remember if it was at the same time, or back-to-back. The local Fox affiiate had the rights here, and it also aired on WPIX in New York.

Since Fun House ended in 1991 after 3 seasons, Roth's kept himself pretty busy, most recently with a lengthy run on the Discovery Kids/NBC Survivor clone, Endurance. He even dabbled in cartoons for a brief bit, as he was the first one cast in the title role in 1996's The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, but was swept out when they overhauled the cast midway through the season.

Here's a sample episode:

I think you can see that Fun House has a little Beat The Clock & Shenanigans in its pedigree.

Rating: B+.

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