Friday, June 21, 2013

Daytime Heroes: The Bloodhound Gang (3-2-1 Contact, 1980)

I will freely admit right now that I never watched PBS' 3-2-1 Contact during its run, and so I missed out on the adventures of The Bloodhound Gang, a team of amateur detectives who appeared during the show's first season. Hence, there will not be a rating, and this is just as a public service.

The inspiration comes from an interview Marc Nobleman did over at Noblemania with some of the cast, including Glenn Scarpelli, whom most of you will know better from One Day at a Time, which he joined after leaving Contact after just 1 season. Scarpelli is also the son of long time comics artist Henry Scarpelli, which would explain Glenn's foray into comics---as a character, yet---in one of the Archie books.

Anyway, here's "The Case of the 1-Ton Jewel".

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