Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Super Duper Sumos (2002)

Bad cartoon ideas aren't just confined to American studios & networks.

Super Duper Sumos, imported to the US, specifically to Nickelodeon, by DIC in 2002, came from England, and thusly, has a cast unfamiliar to most American audiences. The concept is just plain silly. 3 sumo wrestlers moonlight as crimefighters. Nick, predictably, snuck Sumos onto their schedule as a last minute replacement for one of their failing "Nicktoons", but the series was a dud, cancelled after 1 season. This TV (check local listings) currently holds the US cable rights to the series, but would you be interested after seeing this sample clip?

I can't see any rationale for these guys needing to bulk up any more than they already are to gain an upper hand against an enemy they could easily beat.

Rating: D.

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