Friday, January 27, 2012

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: I Can Dream About You (1984)

"I Can Dream About You" was the biggest hit single out of the movie, "Streets of Fire", in 1984. However, when the actual music video premiered on MTV, they opted to use movie footage with an actor lip-synching the vocals by singer-songwriter Dan Hartman, formerly of the Edgar Winter Group.

Well, inevitably, Hartman began making the rounds in the usual places, like, for example, Soul Train, where he appeared in October of '84. Lindances uploaded this track, complete with intro by Don Cornelius:


magicdog said...

"Streets of Fire" is a guilty pleasure of mine I've been watching on and off since its debut on cable. The music from the movie is so much better than the film itself.

"I Can Dream About You" is definitely a highlight of the film and I still pause to hear it when it turns up on the radio! It still sounds great and I was a bit surprised Dan Hartman wasn't used in the music video.

Sadly, Hartman has since passed away. Word has it he passed away from AIDS, or a disease related to it.

hobbyfan said...

The story went that Hartman had died from a brain tumor, and, yes, I've read/heard the rumors about AIDS. Such a shame either way.