Saturday, January 28, 2012

Daytime Heroes: Lariat Sam (1962)

Ok, this was before I was born, and I am not sure if this ran when Captain Kangaroo was running 6 days a week during the 60's. Anyway, Terrytoons partnered with the Captain (Bob Keeshan) to present The Adventures of Lariat Sam as a regular feature on Captain Kangaroo, beginning in 1962.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Lariat Sam was co-written & produced by future game show icon Gene Wood, better known for his work as an announcer (i.e. Family Feud), but he did host two series during the 70's. Wood also performs the theme song. Dayton Allen (Deputy Dawg) is credited with voicing all the characters. Crazybar777 uploaded "Weatherman Mish-Mosh".

After a while, Sam was replaced by the shapeshifting Tom Terrific, whom I do remember seeing. Sadly, neither Sam nor Tom would join their Terrytoons brethren in syndication, which would've exposed them to a wider audience, especially during the cable explosion in the 70s.

Rating: B.

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