Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Comics to Toons: Silver Surfer (1998)

One of the most beloved Marvel comics characters of all time, the Silver Surfer was given his own series by Fox in 1998. Despite critical acclaim from critics and fans alike, the series lasted just 1 season due to Marvel having bankruptcy issues during that time, and issues involving Saban, which produced the series, and Toy Biz, which was the licensee for the company's action figures. Here's the open to the show, and you can see that the character designs were based on the original artwork of the Surfer's creator, Jack Kirby.

Not too surprisingly, Saban's writers took liberties with the source material, which led to some negative criticism from some fans, but then, Saban had already done the same with two other Marvel series, Spider-Man & X-Men, both of which also aired on Fox.

Would Marvel be willing to try again with the Surfer? Now that the company is a unit of Disney, I'd say it'd be doable under the right circumstances, but it would end up being produced for DisneyXD, simply because Disney no longer is interested in putting new product on ABC's Saturday block.

Rating: B-.

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