Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturtainment: Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters (1972)

From the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie comes this Rankin-Bass offering. Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters is a sort-of-unofficial sequel to the Animagic feature film, "Mad Monster Party". Amazingly, this is a rare R-B project that doesn't involve one of their most prolific talents, Paul Frees, who at the time was working on their series based on the Osmonds and Jackson 5ive, which also aired on ABC. Instead, the primary voice talent includes Bob McFadden (ex-Milton the Monster), Bradley Bolke (ex-Tennessee Tuxedo), and Allen Swift (ex-Underdog).

Here's a sample clip:

I wish I'd thought of pulling this back during October, but, ah, what the heck. Dr. Frankenstein comes off as being a well-meaning, but bumbling sort, worried about damages to his two main monsters. This hasn't seen the light of day in nearly 40 years, but you'd think someone would have the good sense to pair it up with "Mad Monster Party" to liven up the usually stale Halloween fare on certain cable channels.....!

Rating: B-.

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