Saturday, December 11, 2010

Animated World of DC Comics: Plastic Man & Baby Plas (1980)

When ABC decided to renew Plastic Man for a 2nd season, they trimmed the show down to a half hour, dumping all three backup features: Rickety Rocket, Mighty Man & Yukk, & Fangface. As we documented previously, Plastic Man (Michael Bell) wed his sexy sidekick, Penny, in between seasons 1 & 2, and found the time to have Baby Plas, who is not your ordinary newborn by any, ah, stretch of the imagination. Here's the open to season 2, plus the episode, "Babysitter Blues":

As comics fans know, Plas is married (or remarried, if you count this union as part of the canon) these days, but not the most reliable of spouses. Too bad Penny didn't make the transition to comics. She's easier on the eyes.

Rating: C-

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