Friday, June 29, 2018

Toons You Might've Missed: The Huffless, Puffless Dragon (1964)

The American Cancer Society (what a shock) commissioned this next item, which was released in theatres, and likely also in schools, in 1964.

The Huffless, Puffless Dragon is exactly what it is, a nearly 10 minute infomercial about the dangers of smoking, using dragons to illustrate the point. Howard Morris (The Andy Griffith Show, Your Show of Shows) and Charlotte Rae are among the talents that have been identified by research sources, although Dragoon, the red dragon, sounds like Paul Frees (another shock). Judge for yourselves, kids.

Looks like the kind of preachy fare you'd find in smaller doses on weekday mornings & afternoons, but the animation is a little flat.

Rating: B--.

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