Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Family Toons: The Jetsons in Miss Solar System (1963)

Jane Jetson (Penny Singleton) enters a beauty contest in which husband George (George O'Hanlon) is one of the judges. We've shown you the musical number used in "Miss Solar System", but now you get this complete episode of The Jetsons.

Later this year, the Jetsons will meet some of the superstars of the WWE in a brand new DTV. What next?

Rating: B.


Goldstar said...

First The Flintstones, then Scooby Doo and now the The Jetsons. It seems as though Warner Brothers is determined to have every established Hanna-Barbera franchise do a crossover with the WWE at some point. On the one hand, it's good to see WB paying attention to some of the older H-B franchises besides Scooby and Tom & Jerry, but can't WB think of something else to do besides have the characters team up with pro wrestlers?

Silverstar said...

Studios like WB are scared of taking risks; they'd rather rely on the safety net of tried and true formulas. In other words, new ideas are scary and could possibly lose money. It's understandable that The Powers That Be would rather stick to what they know works because these DTV features cost lots of money to produce, but this approach is a double-edged sword since it means pumping out the same stuff that folks have already seen a gazillion times before. This technique can backfire just as easily as it can succeed. I too would like to see Warner do something else with these characters besides just have them meet John Cena over and over (and I don't count those bizarro comic book re-imaginings), but unfortunately that's about as likely to happen as WB putting out a DC Universe DTV that doesn't feature Batman for the umptee-seventh time. Better stay close to our safe-house.

hobbyfan said...

Actually, guys, they did the x-over with Scooby first, then the Flintstones, then a 2nd Scooby-WWE movie, and now the Jetsons. The plot for the new one has Big Show thawed out in the future, then he turns evil, takes over the world, or some other contrivance, and the Jetsons go back in time to get Cena, Sheamus, et al, to clean up the mess.

SO not digging.