Saturday, February 20, 2016

On The Air: Bunnicula (2016)

James Howe's vampire rabbit, Bunnicula, is back, this time in an all-new series airing concurrently on Cartoon Network & Boomerang.

Bunnicula doesn't say much, does a lot of chattering instead. I'm not sure if his owner, Mina (Kari Wahlgren) is aware he's a vampire, since his fangs are retractable, but the other pets, Harold, a dog, and Chester, a Siamese cat (Sean Astin), certainly do. Chester, in particular, sees Bunnicula (Chris Kattan, ex-Saturday Night Live, also heard as Mina's father) as a magnet for all kinds of monsters. The show is set in New Orleans, which suggests a likely encounter with voodoo would be on the docket.

Bunnicula also marks the return of writer-producer Maxwell Atoms to Cartoon Network for the first time since The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Come to think of it, Atoms writes Harold as a canine Billy. That is to say, he's not very bright.

As with other recent CN debuts, each Bunnicula episode lasts 15 minutes, or 2 shows per half hour. It's also running on Boomerang in order to maximize viewer interest and ratings.

No full episodes are available as yet, as the series only premiered two weeks ago, but we have the intro:

The target audience will get a kick out of it, and maybe this will spur renewed interest in the books.

Rating: B.

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