Monday, November 10, 2014

Meet Spider-Man's new teammate (for a night): Jessie! (Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, 2014)

As if having Phineas & Ferb meet Spider-Man and some of the Avengers wasn't enough, the Web-Spinner (Drake Bell) welcomes another Disney Channel star to his show.

Jessie (Debby Ryan, ex-Suite Life on Deck) and her charges meet Spidey, and tangle with Morgaine Le Fey in the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors episode, "Halloween Night at the Museum", which premiered on Disney Channel last month before airing on DisneyXD, home to the Marvel Universe block.

In the books, Spider-Man has hobnobbed with celebrities before, but not like this.....

Sorry, but the teaser is all we got for right now. Suffice it to say, it plays out as a typical Web Warriors episode, except that Spidey is the only hero on hand, and doesn't break the 4th wall as much as he normally would. Which is an improvement, given how badly this show started two years ago.

Rating: C+.

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