Thursday, June 12, 2014

Looney TV: The Daffy-Speedy Show (1980)

After his first season on NBC, Daffy Duck would get a co-star to share the billing. That particular co-star also shared the stage with him in a few shorts in the 60's, and that was Speedy Gonzales.

With Bugs Bunny and Road Runner over on CBS, there was a bit of an embargo prohibiting those two from appearing on NBC. The rest of the Looney Tunes gang were able to appear on both networks at the same time, which at the time would be unprecedented, except for the fact that Batman had already done that three years earlier.

However, the two networks didn't share the library. NBC's playlist consisted mostly of those 60's shorts that paired Daffy & Speedy together, as well as Speedy and Sylvester, plus some new material to give Mel Blanc some additional work.

The downside was that The Daffy-Speedy Show was buried at the bottom of the NBC lineup, all to avoid a direct conflict with the Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Show (now 90 minutes by this time) on CBS. Given NBC's struggles back then, well.......!

Here's the open:

We'll get the rest of that short another time.

Rating: B.

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