Saturday, January 25, 2014

Daytime Heroes: Colonel Bleep (1956)

Colonel Bleep hasn't been seen in years, and he's approaching his 60th birthday in 2016.

Maybe it's understandable. Bleep is an alien from the planet Futura who teams with a mute puppet and a caveman to battle evil. Sources say that Joe Barbera had a hand in creating Bleep before launching Hanna-Barbera. I am not so sure.

Noah Tyler narrates and does virtually all of the voice work in this first installment, "Colonel Bleep's Arrival on Earth", uploaded by Dandy Deal.

Colonel Bleep came from a small independent studio in Miami, but there are very few episodes available, and those that are currently are in the public domain, so there is a chance someone could make a run at reviving the series to mark the 60th anniversary. Otherwise, this will end up being a footnote in television history.

Rating: C.

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