Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturtainment: Santo Bugito (1995)

Klasky-Csupo, enjoying success on cable with the likes of Rugrats & Duckman, tried to expand to broadcast networks in 1995. Unfortunately, their first entry for CBS, Santo Bugito, fell victim to station disinterest, as it was scheduled during the 2 hour black hole at the end of the block (11 am-1 pm ET) where affiliates opted out in favor of syndicated programming. Locally, Santo Bugito was aired nearly 4 hours earlier than the rest of the country for this reason.

The show's titular location is a small community of insects, well ahead of feature films like "A Bug's Life" & "Antz". Since most kids still thought of bugs & other insects as creepy and not pet-worthy, well, this show had a tough climb become even tougher.

Here's the open:

No rating.


magicdog said...

Never saw this but I was never much of a fan of Klasky-Csupo projects. They were too ugly to watch!

Yes, that includes Rugrats!

hobbyfan said...

It was just the way they were drawn, methinks.

Notice, though, that when Sony started their animation studio, Adelaide, their look closely resembled Klasky-Csupo's. Makes ya wonder......