Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toonfomercial: Two iconic hares get together (1985)

The Trix Rabbit is one of General Mills' few remaining cereal mascots, and every now and again, the hare's fruitless (no pun intended) quest for his namesake cereal required some special help. In this 1985 ad campaign, that help comes in the form of another famous rabbit----none other than Bugs Bunny!

Peetoons uploaded this introductory ad:

As we all know, 26 years later, the Trix Rabbit still can't savor the taste of Trix cereal, or even Trix yogurt, which came out a few years ago after General Mills acquired Yoplait. This once-in-a-lifetime meeting, however, needs to be preserved in our archives, and so it is.


magicdog said...

Having watched so many Trix commercials growing up, I never understood why the kids would never let him have any!

I used to think they were so selfish! I used to wish he would be allowed some; I think there was one commercial in which kids were asked to vote to whether or not to allow him to have some Trix.

hobbyfan said...

Yes, there was a promotion that allowed the kids to vote, but of course that was slanted, too.....