Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saturday School: NBC Junior Hall of Fame (1977)

It was NBC's 1st attempt at creating a series of short in-between-show pieces to compete with Schoolhouse Rock on ABC and In The News on CBS. However, for some odd reason, the Junior Hall of Fame, though noble in concept, failed to keep viewers from changing the channel. 70sKidVid offers up this sample clip about a 9 year old swimmer:

NBC commissioned producer Alan Landsburg (In Search Of....) to produce the Junior Hall of Fame shorts, which if memory serves lasted just the one season. NBC would try again with other, similar bits, such as One to Grow On in the 80's. In the meantime, Landsburg would do business with NBC again, producing the 80's sitcom, Gimme A Break!, starring Nell Carter.

Rating: A.

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