Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Animated World of DC Comics: Two legends meet for the 1st time! (2011)

This particular installment of Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave & The Bold has not yet aired here in the US, and is only available now on iTunes & YouTube, but it has aired in the UK.

Two days ago, "magicdog", who frequents the Toon Zone message boards, sent me this teaser segment from the Brave & The Bold, which marks the first-ever team-up of Batman and................Space Ghost! The producers, paying homage to the 1966 series, used a Space Ghost title card and intro music, and even brought in the definitive voice of Space Ghost himself, Gary Owens, who hadn't essayed the part in 30 years (Space Stars, 1981-82). PJonDevelopment gets the credit for uploading "Space Safari" to YouTube:

Now, it's just a question of when, not if, the idiots at Cartoon Network will air this episode, as there is talk that they've decided to cancel Brave & The Bold without finishing the 3rd & final season. If they don't, you may have to wait for a DVD release.

I see this as a possible back-door pilot for a possible revival, but as you can tell, Gary Owens just doesn't have the full use of his voice anymore. Seeing as how Diedrich Bader was able to base his Batman voice on Kevin Conroy's seminal portrayal of the Dark Knight from the 90's, he might be willing to test the limits of his vocal abilities......

Rating: A+.


Will said...

Cartoon Network/WB are not doing a think to publicize B&B, this is frigging criminal

hobbyfan said...

Well, Will, as I said, the series is ending anyway, and CN suits apparently don't feel inclined to air the remaining episodes now, which is a crime. Oh, but the creative personnel should be motivated to take this a step or three further. But that's up to WB, if not also CN, and if CN doesn't want to play ball, I'm sure someone else will.

magicdog said...

I don't know about Bader doing SG in a reboot. Not that I don't like him, but I did have other VAs in mind for a serious SG series.

Believe it or not I think Kevin Conroy could do it and without using his "Batman voice". If you've ever seen the episode, "A Matter of Family" from "The Batman" series, Conroy voiced John Grayson, Dick's father. That voice would make a great SG.

Another VA that could work would be Michael T. Weiss, who used to voice "Tarzan" on the Disney TV series. He can play light and dark particularly well.

Jan & Jace may be a bit tougher but I think Grey Delisle or Ashley Eckstein (who voices Ahsoka on Star Wars, the Clone Wars) would make good Jans. I can imagine Jace as being voiced by Will Freidle (currently doing Lion-O on the new "Thundercats" cartoon).

hobbyfan said...

Magicdog: Great ideas on casting. Friedle would work nicely as Jace as long it's along the lines of Lion-O or Terry (Batman Beyond), not Ron Stoppable. Michael T. Weiss also did the Demon/Jason Blood on Justice League, so he's got the range to pull off Space Ghost.

magicdog said...

Good news!

We have an airdate for the episode entitled, "Bold Beginnings":

Friday, October 14th, 2011 at 6:00pm (ET).

Finally US viewers will legally be able to see the Space Ghost teaser!

hobbyfan said...

Not only that, but your cable system could have it on demand, too! Whoo-hoo!