Monday, June 13, 2011

Looney TV: The Road Runner Show (1966)

By 1966, Bugs Bunny was well established as a Saturday morning fixture on ABC, though Porky Pig had bombed out fronting his own show. Undeterred, WB decided to give The Road Runner a series of his own, airing near the bottom of CBS' action-packed Saturday lineup. This would last for 2 seasons before Bugs moved to CBS, resulting in the initial Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Hour, which would last until 1971, at which point Road Runner moved to ABC for a year or two. As we all know, Bugs returned to ABC two more times, from 1973-75, and 1986-2000, with the 2nd incarnation of the Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Hour in between, alternating between 60 & 90 minutes during a 10 year run from 1975-85.

Here's the open, uploaded by TubbyBelly122:

Today, the long standing war between the Road Runner & the Coyote continues on Cartoon Network's The Looney Tunes Show, but now the combatants are in CGI, which actually looks great.

Rating: A.

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