Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sunday Funnies: Meet the Bedbugs & Termites (F-Troop, 1967)

From season 2 of F-Troop:

Captain Parmenter (Ken Berry) is putting the men through waltz drills for a military ball. However, the band hired for the event don't know anything about slow beats. The Bedbugs (played by Lowell George and other real-life musicians in the collective known as The Factory) are a parody of a certain well known British band, and Agarn (Larry Storch) decides to become their manager. As they say, "That's Show Biz".

This may actually be worth seeing Parmenter, O'Rourke, Wrangler Jane, and the rest posing as the Termites, with Jane (Melody Patterson) covering Trini Lopez's "Lemon Tree" and getting stuck on the chorus of the Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man". Well, at least she's got more singing ability than William Shatner......

Rating: A.


Hal Horn said...

Dobbs was so lousy on the bugle, but he's pretty good on the flute!

hobbyfan said...

Go figure, right?

There's another one I watched the other day where Agarn plays the sax as badly as Dobbs does the bugle. I'll have that up soon.

Pat Grant said...

I liked this one a lot