Monday, May 14, 2018

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Captain Planet in Missing Linka (1993)

From season 1 of The New Adventures of Captain Planet (season 4 overall):

Linka (Kath Soucie) heads home when she learns from her brother that their grandmother has taken ill. Wheeler (Joey Dedio) & Ma-Ti (Scott Menville) accompany Linka, but Wheeler secretly remains behind. Meanwhile, the rest of the team investigates a toxic spill in a small town.

Here's "Missing Linka":

If there were any hints of relationships on this show, it would be Linka & Wheeler, wouldn't it?

In memory of Margot Kidder, who had taken over the role of Gaia from Whoopi Goldberg with the change in studios from DIC to Hanna-Barbera. Margot passed away today at 69.

Rating for "Missing Linka": A.

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