Saturday, May 19, 2018

Animated World of DC Comics: Batman & Catwoman meet again for the first time (The Batman, 2003)

Over the course of its 5 seasons, The Batman reimagined the Dark Knight's world. The series is set early in the career of the Caped Crusader (Rino Romano), but some of the changes to ally and enemy alike didn't quite jibe with established canon, as if the producers wanted to create their own pocket universe.

As has been documented, the Joker was rebooted with a Rastafarian 'do. Like, did anyone ever imagine the Clown Prince of Crime being into reggae or ska music? Penguin was given more of a positive makeover, of a sort, as it was established that Oswald Cobblepot's family was in or around Bruce Wayne's tax bracket.

And, then, there is Catwoman.

Selina Kyle (Gina Gershon) was given a modified version of her 1966-8 black catsuit, and the fact that, in her first appearance, "The Cat & The Bat", she steals Batman's utility belt, even wearing it for a time, is a homage to the first, and some say, still the most definitive Cat, Julie Newmar (though Michelle Pfeiffer & Anne Hathaway might have something to say about that).

However, Batman & Catwoman don't realize that the latter's prey belongs to a member of the Japanese Yakuza.......

Does anyone here think that Det. Ellen Yin (Ming-Na, currently on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD) was meant to be a stand-in for Renee Montoya, who'd bowed on Batman: The Animated Series 11 years earlier?

Oh, and keep an ear open for all the "Easter egg" references to various writers & artists who'd worked on the Bat-books over the years, including Jerry Robinson, Dick Sprang, & Walt Simonson.

Rating: A-. One of the better entries in the series.

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