Thursday, November 30, 2017

Krofftverse: My Fair Robot (The Lost Saucer, 1975)

In memory of Jim Nabors, who passed away earlier today, we present an episode of The Lost Saucer. Here's "My Fair Robot":

No rating, as we'll pass on one this time. Rest in peace, Jim.


Silverstar said...

I just got back from The Land of Whatever; I didn't realize that The Lost Saucer was Jim Nabors' last regular TV series. A true talent, he will be missed.

hobbyfan said...

Indeed. It had been about 4 years since Nabors' variety show on CBS had ended, and, aside from guest appearances elsewhere, he hadn't landed another series in between that and Lost Saucer. I suspect typecasting may have been involved. Lost Saucer gave him something fresh to do, a new character, but parents still had Gomer reruns in syndication, and that may have had an adverse effect on Saucer.