Monday, September 18, 2017

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Lancelot Link in Surfin' Spy and The Missing Link (1970)

As summer winds down, let's spend some beach time with Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp.

In "The Surfin' Spy", Lance (Dayton Allen) and Mata Hairi (Joan Gerber) pose as surfers to uncover a CHUMP smuggling operation. Gerber provided all the female voices on the show. In "The Missing Link", Lance's uncle Mortimer, a British scientist, has been captured by CHUMP.

Aside from narrator Malachi Throne (ex-It Takes a Thief) and vocalist Steve Hoffman, all the male voices were performed by Allen and Bernie Kopell (ex-Get Smart, That Girl, The Doris Day Show).

Edit, 8/18/18: Unfortunately, the video has been deleted by YouTube.

Oh, I am begging either Me-TV or Antenna TV to pick this show up!

Rating: B.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Used to watch this on Nickelodeon in the late 80's!

Silverstar said...

I first encountered it in syndication, around the mid-to-late 70's. I never knew it aired on Nick. I thought Lancelot Link would've been a good fit for the now defunct Hub channel (now Discovery Family), had Hasbro not given up any and all attempts to diversify their schedule and not even bothered to jazz up their nighttime schedule in favor of just relying on the Ponies and Littlest Pet Shop to carry their entire lineup...but I could write an entire essay on all the things The Hub did wrong, and I have.

hobbyfan said...

Discovery Family, if they bothered, could've picked up Lance, and still can, but as you note, Silverstar, they are still obsessed with My Little Pony in the same way Cartoon Network is obsessing over Teen Titans Go!.

Not only did Nick pick up the 1/2-hour Lance, but it was funneled to TV Land for their short-lived Saturday Retrodaze block in 1999.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

I wouldn't mind reading what Silverstar had to say about The Hub. Obviously had they not focused on one or two things, it might've worked. I personally thought there was grounds to revitalize Romper Room (assuming Hasbro still owns it) with a new show in the mornings, and perhaps play retro-classic stuff at specific times, it might've worked.

Goldstar said...

The Hub did have a preschool black when it was first launched. It was called "Hub-Bub", but the block disappeared after the network's initial year.

The Hub's main problem, other than the fact that it relied far too much on ponies, pets and nostalgia, was the fact that it was owned by a toy company. Other toy companies refused to advertise on a network that was owned by one of it's competitors and avoided The Hub like the Plague, which made it difficult for Hasbro to find sponsors and in the end, Hub was hemorrhaging money.

Don't mean to derail this, but the main reason why Discovery Family clings on to My Little Pony so hard is because MLP is currently the only thing that DiscFam has going for it. I've heard no news of any new series coming to DiscFam this fall. There's going to be a new Littlest Pet Shop series slated to debut next year, but it's unknown if said LPS show will air on Disc Fam or go to Netflix (which already airs several Hasbro shows).

Goldstar said...

Also, if you're interested in reading some of Silverstar's thoughts on The Hub, here's an article he wrote on his and my blog regarding the channel's cancellation:

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Thanks Goldstar!

hobbyfan said...

Thanks for reminding me I replied to your comments, Silverstar.