Friday, August 4, 2017

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Captain Caveman in Prehistoric Panic (1980)

Captain Caveman (Mel Blanc) gets to return home to the Stone Age, if but for a short time, in 1980's "Prehistoric Panic". You might think that this could've ended up being a sort-of backdoor pilot, since Cavey would return home again and move to Bedrock later that year.

One other thing. ABC brought back Captain Caveman & The Teen Angels as a mid-season replacement series in March 1980, replacing the cancelled Spider-Woman. To make room, Scooby & Scrappy-Doo was moved to 11 (ET), with Cavey airing at 11:30. The 3rd and final season for the Captain in modern times was a mix of 16 new episodes and reruns from the 1977-9 run. However, the network decided to end the series after three seasons, and, had this been the finale, instead of the 4th episode of the season, maybe this would've had a different, more appropriate ending.

The Flintstone Comedy Show was rebooted on NBC that November, and ran for 2 seasons, and, as we've previously documented, Cavey would return as a backup feature to The Flintstone Kids, but with no continuity between any of the series.

Rating: B.


Goldstar said...

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I never thought that Captain Caveman was a good fit for The Flintstones. Yeah, he's a caveman, but while citizens of Bedrock all talked and acted in a contemporary manner, Cavey was covered in hair and usually began his sentences with "Unga-Munga!" Hanna-Barbera certainly tried though. Well, Cavey fit in the Flintstones universe better than the Shmoo did, anyway.

hobbyfan said...

And I think that's why they "sent him home" after the Shmoo debacle. I think once ABC decided they were parting with Cavey, H-B was asked by NBC if they could have him, and.....