Thursday, June 1, 2017

Famous Firsts: The premiere of George of the Jungle (1967)

Here we are again, first of the month, and our "Famous First" this month is George of the Jungle. Last week, we served up the pilot for George. The pilots for the two supporting features, Tom Slick and Super Chicken, are still to come.

"The Malady Lingers On" (a play on "The Melody Lingers On"): George (Bill Scott) learns that his pet elephant, Shep, is sick, but the doctor isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer.

"Monster Rally": Tom Slick (Scott) enters Prince Monte Carloff's rally. This wouldn't be the last time we'd see monsters at a road race.....

"One of Our States is Missing": An old college classmate of Henry Cabot Henhouse (Scott, recycling his Mr. Peabody voice) steals the entire state of Rhode Island. He's figuring, it's the smallest state, who'd miss it? Super Chicken tries to recover the entire state.

It's said that Paul Frees' voice for Ape is modeled after actor Ronald Colman. A similar voice had been used for Inspector Fenwick (Dudley Do-Right), among others. Scott recycled his Dudley voice for Tom Slick.

Rating: B.

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