Monday, May 29, 2017

Celebrity Toons: Fonz & the Happy Days Gang become the Arabian Knights (1980)

Ayyyyyyyyy!!! Boy, did Hanna-Barbera blow a golden opportunity with this episode of Fonz & the Happy Days Gang!

In "Arabian Knights", Fonzie (Henry Winkler), Richie (Ron Howard), Ralph (Donny Most), Cupcake (Didi Conn), and Mr. Cool (Frank Welker) end up in Old Testament-era Babylon to help King Nebuchadnezzar II save the kingdom from a rival ruler.

Welker also uses his Fred Jones voice from Scooby-Doo as our announcer, coming out of the first commercial break. The open, narrated by Wolfman Jack (The Midnight Special) has been edited off.

Here's what I mean when I say H-B blew a golden opportunity. What with the use of incidental music from Super Friends being occasionally used here and on other H-B action shows of the period (i.e. Godzilla), it would've been a nice idea to bring some closure to one of the studio's 1960's series by using either the original Arabian Knights (from Banana Splits) and/or Shazzan and his time-tossed charges. Granted, Chuck & Nancy would be returned to 1967, as opposed to 1957, but ya never know.

Rating: B.

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