Thursday, April 27, 2017

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Frankenstein, Jr. vs. the Incredible Aqua-Monsters (1966)

Frankenstein, Jr. (Ted Cassidy) & Buzz Conroy (Dick Beals) battle Dr. Hook and his "Incredible Aqua-Monsters".

Don Messick is the narrator and the general.

I have to remind you guys to check out DC's Future Quest, the final issue of which will be arriving soon. In it, Buzz & Frankie's origin is finally revealed, but with a twist. We never met Buzz's mom in the 1966 series, but she's in the book, instead of Buzz's father, Professor Ted Conroy, who, according to series writer Jeff Parker, was killed off. I think what Parker was going for was a different perspective for Buzz by switching parental units. In case you haven't checked out the book, H-B's 60's heroes are coming together against a common threat, as F. E. A. R., the H-B answer to Hydra, if ya will, have recruited the services of Jonny Quest's arch-nemesis, Dr. Zin, and Race Bannon's ex-girlfriend and frenemy, Jezebel Jade. 

Rating for "The Incredible Aqua-Monsters": B.

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