Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Lone Ranger vs. The Trickster (1966)

It's the first of the month, and that means another first episode. This time, it's The Lone Ranger in his first animated adventure for CBS from 1966.

The Masked Man (Michael Rye) and Tonto (Shep Menken) match wits with a wily, wealthy, but bored villain known simply as "The Trickster", not to be confused with a more colorful villain associated with DC Comics' Flash.

You'll forgive the video quality. Cartoon Jam had to have gotten this off a VHS tape.

Additional research has revealed that Universal had commissioned Format Films and the British Halas & Bachelor studios to develop this series, with permission from then-rights holder Jack Wrather. Confusion over current rights would explain why there hasn't been a DVD release more than 50 years after its launch.

Rating: B.

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