Sunday, March 26, 2017

Looney TV: Naughty Neighbors (1939-92)

The Hatfields & McCoys' famous feud is skewered in Bob Clampett's 1939 Porky Pig opus, "Naughty Neighbors". Here, the Hatfields have been rechristened the Martins, with Petunia (an uncredited Bernice Hansen) and Porky as the leaders of the families.

Unfortunately, the original black & white version is unavailable, so all we have is a 1992 colorized print, as shown on Cartoon Network (the colorized version first aired on Nickelodeon). The music you hear at the start is performed by the Sons of the Pioneers.

If you look close, you might catch Daffy Duck making a cameo appearance, just because.

Rating: B.

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