Friday, March 3, 2017

Animated World of DC Comics: World Beneath The Ice (1978)

From Challenge of the Super Friends:

Before we discuss our next subject, I need to address an issue that has not been corrected by the criminally unreliable Wikipedia. Whomever wrote the entry for the Challenge season has the order of each week's episodes backwards. The episodes with the Legion of Doom were in the 2nd half of the show, not the first half, as Wikipedia insists. The fact that each hour-long episode was split into two parts for syndication isn't helping matters at all, but rather creates confusion for fans.

That all having been said, our next story, "World Beneath The Ice", is a sort-of retelling of the previous season's "Invasion of The Earthors", substituting the North Pole for the earth's core for the setting. In any event, a race of people living under the ice approve of a plan to freeze the surface world as a form of misguided vengeance for oil drilling in the North Pole. Tohrahma (guest star Henry Corden) leads his crew in capturing American & Russian ships. You know the rest of the drill.

Clever use of the H-B acronym for the orchestra, don't you think?

Rating: B.

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