Monday, March 27, 2017

Animated World of DC Comics: Batman vs. Simon the Pieman, round 2 (1968)

Batman has his hands full when Simon the Pieman (Ted Knight) returns, bent on stealing some Turkish coins, for starters. Unfortunately, this would be Simon's last appearance, as when Filmation gained a new license for DC in the mid-70's, they created new villains for The New Adventures of Batman, despite the fact that by the time that series launched in February 1977, the original 1968 cartoons were in syndication. Here's "A Perfidious Pieman is Simon".

One thing bugs me. How did Simon/Mother Goose know the Mayor would send Barbara to pay a visit?

Update, 7/20: The full half hour is now up, as we've added "Perilous Playthings".

Rating: B-.

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