Saturday, February 25, 2017

Animated World of DC Comics: The Super Friends try to solve The Baffles Puzzle (1973)

It's way past time to go back to the original Super Friends.

Professor Baffles (Olan Soule in a dual role) is one of those misguided types who thinks he's doing something to benefit mankind by making all kinds of literature disappear. Ah, but there's a lesson to be learned, as Baffles is double-crossed by his henchmen. Here's "The Baffles Puzzle":

Wendy's volunteer job at the library suggests a call-back to Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, whose other job was as a librarian, per her earliest appearances in the 60's. Too bad Batgirl never got to appear in this series, as Hanna-Barbera never obtained the rights. 

Rating: B+.

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