Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Animated World of DC Comics: The Super Friends search for a City in a Bottle (1977)

Comics fans know that Brainiac, one of Superman's oldest enemies, had shrunken the city of Kandor, now preserved forever in a bottle kept in the Fortress of Solitude so the Man of Steel can maintain contact with his fellow Kryptonians.

Someone at Hanna-Barbera decided to tweak that concept for 1977's "City in a Bottle". While the Kandorians wouldn't appear on TV for a while yet, a barbarian from a frozen world steals an Earth city where the Wonder Twins are visiting, and heads for home with the Super Friends in hot pursuit.

It's too bad they never really followed up on the subplot of Gleek and his female admirer. H-B would revisit that particular plot device 4 years later on Space Stars, using Blip as the object of a female monkey's affection.

Rating: A-.

Edit, 7/2/18: We've added the rest of the episode:

Batman, Robin, & Aquaman in "Invasion of The Hydronoids".
Wonder Twins in "Hitchhike".
Wonder Woman, Hawkman, & Hawkgirl in "Space Emergency".

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