Saturday, January 14, 2017

Game Time: Sense & Nonsense (1954)

The DuMont network was a distant memory by the time ye scribe entered the world in 1963, its most famous alumnus being The Honeymooners, which moved, along with series creator/star Jackie Gleason, to CBS after it ended its run on DuMont.

In 1951, a New York DuMont affiliate, WABD, debuted a three-times-a-week early evening game show for the whole family. Sense & Nonsense ran for three years (1951-4), but only one episode still exists, from February 1954:

Leonard Frey, who was a contestant on this show, is better remembered for his career as a character actor (i.e. Best of the West). This may in fact have been one of his earliest television appearances, if not the first.

Would Sense work now? Hard to tell.

No rating.

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