Wednesday, January 25, 2017

From Comics to Toons: More with Archie and friends (1968)

This will be the last Archie cartoon to be posted before the premiere of Riverdale tomorrow on CW.

"Dilton's Folly": Dilton Doiley (Howard Morris) creates monster costumes for himself, Archie (Dal McKennon), Betty, & Veronica (both Jane Webb) to promote a horror movie triple feature at the theatre. Reggie (John Erwin) & Jughead (Morris) think it's something else altogether.

"Lodge's Department Store": Veronica's wealthy dad gives the gang jobs at his store. The usual chaos follows.

A blue frog? A red kangaroo? The writers weren't trying to fool us into being color blind, were they? Nah.

Rating: B.

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