Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Animated World of DC Comics: Super Friends in Planet of the Neanderthals (1977)

The All-New Super Friends Hour marks its 40th anniversary this September, so let's take a step back in time----literally.

A mad scientist named Varko (guest star Mike Road) has used technology to convert 20th century Earth to a "Planet of the Neanderthals". How he did it is a mystery the Super Friends have to uncover.

As I'm sure you could tell, Casey Kasem (Robin) & Danny Dark (Superman) doubled as cavemen. The same likely for the rest of the regulars. Road had previously worked with Shannon Farnon (Wonder Woman) on Valley of the Dinosaurs three years earlier, but would shift to DePatie-Freleng for The New Fantastic Four a year after this episode aired.

Rating: A-.

Edit, 7/3/18: We've had to replace the video. We now have the complete episode. You'll also see:

Wonder Woman & Aquaman vs. "The Enforcer".

Wonder Twins in "Shark".

Aquaman & Green Lantern in "Flood of Diamonds".

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