Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sunday Funnies: The Singing Mountie (F-Troop, 1966)

F-Troop began its second season with a parody of Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, except that the fellow claiming to be Sgt. Ramsden, "The Singing Mountie" (Paul Lynde, Bewitched), is actually a thief using his stolen position to frame a Canadian trapper, Lucky Pierre (Larry Storch in a dual role).

Lynde uses his past experience on Broadway to good use in doing some singing during the show, but the irony is that the real Ramsden (Don Kent), who turns up at the end of the show, sings the same songs.

During this season, the show became even more formulaic, with Agarn (Storch) and O'Rourke (Forrest Tucker) making more frequent visits to the Hekawi camp. Considering that Frank DeKova (Wild Eagle) was promoted to one of the show's featured stars in the new open, this was to be expected. Looks like the artwork used on the show might've been designed by an artist like the late Jack Davis, who worked for many years for Mad Magazine and TV Guide.

Lynde had played villains before, having appeared in a dramatic role on Burke's Law a couple of years earlier as a duplicitous doctor, and while F-Troop wasn't totally campy, it did prepare Lynde for his transition to cartoons three years later.

Rating: B+.

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