Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: Island of the Dinosoids (1984)

From Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show:

Batman (Adam West) and Professor Martin Stein (Olan Soule), 1/2 of Firestorm, are en route to a science expo in Tokyo, but their plane is diverted to a remote island by a mad scientist who covets Stein's latest invention.

And you thought Stein has some serious issues nowadays on Legends of Tomorrow. Anyway, scope out "The Island of the Dinosoids":

Edit, 6/25/18: Please ignore the graphic above. Dailymotion poster Comedy 19 intentionally mislabeled the video to get around the copyright police.

If anything, this exposed the fact that newcomer Constance Cawlfield, who replaced Shannon Farnon as Wonder Woman, just wasn't the right fit, and she is clearly the weak link in the cast in this story. Cawlfield would herself be replaced the next season, but it would be 15 years before Farnon would step to the microphone again.

Rating: C-. One of the weakest episodes of the entire franchise.

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