Sunday, September 4, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: Batman is invited to a Mad, Mad Tea Party (1968)

After a 1-shot appearance in the live-action Batman, where he was played by character actor David Wayne, the Mad Hatter returns to Gotham City and throws the Dynamic Duo "A Mad, Mad Tea Party". Casey Kasem (Robin) is also heard as the Cheshire Cat and two others. Preceded by "A Game of Cat & Mouse":

In creating his characterization of the Mad Hatter, Ted Knight made it sound as though he'd gotten inspiration from Jim Backus' portrayal of Mr. Magoo. Y'think maybe, just maybe, he could've been Backus' understudy as Magoo? I guess we'll never know.

Rating: B. The shorter episodes don't have the depth of plot. Overall rating: B.

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