Thursday, August 25, 2016

From Comics to Toons: Beetle Bailey in Camp Invisible (1964)

General Halftrack (Howard Morris) gets a call from the Pentagon, informing him that they're sending someone to do an inspection of Camp Swampy. When word ultimately gets to Sgt. Snorkle (Allan Melvin), he makes the critical mistake of informing dim-witted Zero (Morris) to do a major paint job. Beetle Bailey (Morris) is on guard duty, and is reminded by Lt. Fuzz (Morris) that he's guarding some top-secret paint----which Zero ends up using. Here's "Camp Invisible":

Allan Melvin is also heard as Captain Scabbard. If I'm not mistaken, Scabbard and Fuzz were rarely seen in these shorts, which were produced before Halftrack acquired a second secretary in Ms. Buxley (whom Beetle is currently dating).

Morris must've gotten the idea to use the invisibility gimmick in an Archie cartoon 4 years later. He'd recycle his Lt. Fuzz voice for Dilton Doiley and Zero morphed into Big Moose.

Rating: B.

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