Monday, August 22, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: The Super Friends try to stop the Coming of the Arthropods (1977)

Seems like Earth was a magnet for all kinds of conflicts on other worlds.

Take for example this Super Friends adventure. A race of insects exiles one rebel tribe, which migrates to Earth, seeking revenge. "The Coming of the Arthropods" deserved a sequel, in this writer's opinion, but one was never made.

Edit, 6/21/18: The video was deleted. In its place is a complete episode. In addition to "Coming of The Arthropods", you'll see:

Superman & Aquaman in "Invisible Menace". 

Wonder Twins in "Initiation". This is one of the shorts reimagined by [adult swim] more than 25 years later.

Wonder Woman & Rima in "River of Doom".

The four segments were originally posted separately.

Insecta (Casey Kasem) was perhaps too arrogant to see that his plan was destined to fail, don't you think?

Rating: A.

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