Thursday, July 21, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: A complete episode of Super Friends (1983)

One recurring trope in Wonder Twins shorts, both in 1977 and from 1980-3, was the use of teenagers bullying other, weaker teens into some dangerous stunts that are more dangerous than they realized.

Case in point is "Roller Coaster". The one quibble here is that the abandoned amusement park is right across the road from the movie theatre the Twins are exiting, presumably after seeing a certain movie franchise. The cliched first changes could've been left out for clarity's sake. Voice director Wally Burr voices Atom.

This is one of those cases where, instead of the twins being together for what otherwise could've been a movie date, Jayna (Louise Williams) could've been out with Robin. A missed opportunity if there ever was one.

Edit, 6/28/18: We've changed the video. We now have the complete broadcast, which was the 1983-84 season premiere. Also on tap: "Mxyzptlk's Revenge" and "Once Upon a Poltergeist".

Rating: A-.


Silverstar said...

A Robin/Jayna date/team-up? Could've worked; the only hiccup I could see is that the Twins need to come in physical contact with one another to activate and deactivate their powers. Unless the producers were to retcon that so that Jayna and Zan could transform independently, Jayna would be at a disadvantage until Zan arrived on the scene.

hobbyfan said...

My thinking was this. Around this time, the producers could've added a new, female, teenage heroine that would get Zan's attention, creating some prospective double date scenarios. Unfortunately, no one thought of that back then.