Saturday, June 25, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: Batman vs. Simon the Pieman (1968)

Batman meets a brand new villain with a real taste for crime in "Simon The Pieman". Simon (Ted Knight, of course) dresses in drag in his cover ID as Mother Apple, and this was a rarity back in the late 60's.

Unfortunately, his delusions of grandeur didn't exactly endear him to his more experienced fellow crooks, whom he dismissed as if they were beneath him. Well..........

Simon merited one more appearance, and was never used again. When Filmation gained a new license for Batman in 1977, they opted to create new characters all over again, since this time the rights to the classic villains were split with Hanna-Barbera, though the likes of the Riddler wouldn't return for another year and a half.

Today, Simon would probably be posited as an opponent of healthy eating.

Rating: B-.

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