Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From Comics to Toons: Captain America vs. Baron Zemo (1966)

You might not have noticed it in "Captain America: Civil War", but one of Cap's oldest enemies appears in the movie. Helmut Zemo, otherwise Baron Zemo, may have slipped under the radar because the movie version didn't have his hood affixed to his face like he did in the books. That, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hasn't happened yet, and, for all we know, it might never happen.

Let's turn back the clock 50 years now, and scope the Baron's first animated appearance.

Rating: B.
There's another reason why I chose Captain America today. You see, in an effort to deflect attention from DC's Rebirth project, Marvel decided to go for the cheap headline and concoct a storyline that purports that the Star Spangled Avenger was a sleeper agent for Hydra right from the go.

Bollocks & balderdash! Ever since Dan Buckley took over as publisher at Marvel, the company has repeatedly insulted the intelligence of long-time readers with cheap grabs for publicity. The media will take the bait. Older, jaded, cynical types like ye scribe will dismiss it as what it is, a lame stunt that will be reversed in a few months. While DC has lowered the price of their core titles to $2.99, Marvel, on the other hand, holds the line at $3.99, knowing their readers don't mind spending an extra buck per issue. Just watch. When sales on this new Captain America book take a nosedive in the next three months, they'll be singing a different tune.

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